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Holidaze: She Ran Away....Again

How I stated facts about reality and was once again bullied by my father in law because their abuse child abandoned my kids on a major...

I'm Not The Only One Suffering....

Every divorce is different, so mine doesn't look like anyone else's. I can only talk about what I see and hear. I can only talk about my...

"Discord"-ant Note

How being part of a "special" community became especially common for ableist hate of ASD Recently the podcast I did with my dad was...

Yeah, Still Hurts.....Dad

There are things in life that seem harmless between allistics/neurotypicals. The kinds of things commonly seen as inside jokes or...

RSD Really just says IDGAF

I am Autistic and ADHD. One of the facets of this is a condition called RSD: Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria. It is a very real a serious...

So...who the hell am I?

Enigmanarium is a what now? To know that, you really do have to know the person at the keyboard..... Who the hell is this new keyboard...

Welcome...why are we here again?

I am from the generation that birthed LiveJournal and MySpace. (reminder...take your meds) so as I was listening to the audiobook version...


Is this thing on?

NeuroSpicy and I know it....now

For and a half lifetimes ago I meant to start my own website and between costs, life events and my NeuroSpicy brain refusing to cooperate...it just never happened. My life now is a rager of a circus between relationship BS, mom life, neurospicy issues and neurospicy parenting! Join the madness if you dare...


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