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NeuroSpicy Parent With a Lot to Say

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Alone, not again...just still

I turned 39 a couple months ago. That ever "scary" number of 40 is looming on this year's horizon. I'm told it is scary. I'm told I...

A Piece of Trash, By Any Other Name...

Is still a Dumpster Fire...NOT a Sibling Toxic is toxic and you were cut out for good reasons! Now that you’ve started paying attention...

Holidaze: She Ran Away....Again

How I stated facts about reality and was once again bullied by my father in law because their abuse child abandoned my kids on a major...

I'm Not The Only One Suffering....

Every divorce is different, so mine doesn't look like anyone else's. I can only talk about what I see and hear. I can only talk about my...

No, Telling Me That Is NOT Helpful...

In every major emotional situation there are many landmines and many more in portentia. The risk of triggering someone can seem...

"Discord"-ant Note

How being part of a "special" community became especially common for ableist hate of ASD Recently the podcast I did with my dad was...

Yeah, Still Hurts.....Dad

There are things in life that seem harmless between allistics/neurotypicals. The kinds of things commonly seen as inside jokes or...

RSD Really just says IDGAF

I am Autistic and ADHD. One of the facets of this is a condition called RSD: Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria. It is a very real a serious...

So...who the hell am I?

Enigmanarium is a what now? To know that, you really do have to know the person at the keyboard..... Who the hell is this new keyboard...

Welcome...why are we here again?

I am from the generation that birthed LiveJournal and MySpace. (reminder...take your meds) so as I was listening to the audiobook version...

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Is this thing on?

NeuroSpicy and I know

For and a half lifetimes ago I meant to start my own website and between costs, life events and my NeuroSpicy brain refusing to just never happened. My life now is a rager of a circus between relationship BS, mom life, neurospicy issues and neurospicy parenting! Join the madness if you dare...

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