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Welcome...why are we here again?

I am from the generation that birthed LiveJournal and MySpace. (reminder...take your meds) so as I was listening to the audiobook version of "Still Just A Geek" by Wil Wheaton this week, it once again clicked to the front of my brain browser that I never did get around to making one of my own.

Those who share this generation or our elder sibs of Gen X know the glory of WWDN and his books as well as film and tv roles. It was a good book when it came out, "Just A Geek" and if you have the ability to read it in that head space (early oughts') it fits the times and age of the man writing it. I have to give him some amazing credit for the depth of soul dragging and spine breaking he must have endured to get this annotated version out of himself tho.

At any point, we can go back and look at old school papers and ask ourselves, quiz ourselves "wtf were you thinking? Honestly, what was your actual goal here?!" It may hold, but all too often doesn't and that's fair because if at 40 you are that similar to you at 16, I likely don't wanna know you. If you revisit all that and make such frank reviews of yourself as this audiobook reading Wil reveals about himself, it serves to make me believe my view of our Para social relationship is a valid one. I've been a Trekkie since TNG was *brand new* and while I am not deep dive informed on all the points of Wil's career, beyond what his books have taught me, I get a solid opinion that sets me on #TeamWheaton4Ever (which I use on my twitter often.)

While the vast majority are likely to focus on him as the actor or "insert cruel phrase" or such, I have to say that it was meeting Wil the Guy and learning about Author Wheaton that really drove home my allegiances as "to the core". I had a crush on Crusher (he is about 10yrs older than me) and I have always held deep respect for intelligent characters and people either due to being ASD or just my general personality beyond that one very significant fact.

Long story the book. Overall, read his stuff where you can and if you have the chance to buy the audiobook for "Still Just a Geek" please do so. I happen to use but whatever you use. The sound of his voice is soothing to me and I firmly believe you get more from it when heard (as well as audio only footnotes!!) then just print. I should say I do also have a print copy *just in case* that magic day ever comes where I can get a thing signed by him and Anne.

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