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So...who the hell am I?

Enigmanarium is a what now?

To know that, you really do have to know the person at the keyboard.....

Who the hell is this new keyboard warrior? Another person with some idiot blog or posting food hacks and links to a Karentastic pin page??

No, not a pin page, although I do cook a lot and that will be part of what you get here. Another blog after a fashion, but not a central focal point blog. This won't be all motivation or meditation all the time. It won't be hardcore politics or activist aims. It won't be devoted to mental health and absolutely no anti science posts.

If not any of that then what?

What it will be is a reflection of what I am. I am a mom, a foodie, and a person who wants to write and was never encouraged to do so. I am autistic and ADHD diagnosed along with other things that make me clinically disabled. Part of what I will write about here are the facts of what being disabled means for me and what it means *typically* for people in similar boats as mine. Every person is different, so I never speak for anyone but me.

Additionally I do have a podcast over on which bears the same name as this (Enigmanarium) and I have been doing that for a lot longer than this. If you want more views, details or history about me, start over there. I am going to do my best to add to both going forward.

Till Next Post

I won't go on and on in the first few posts because I really and really will once you get to know me. For now I want you to have a sense of who I am and if you think it is worth giving me a chance. Not every person is for every other person and that's totally fine.

Leave comments if you want. I am new to this whole thing so give patience to me where you can spare it in getting on top of all the built in buttons and dials and what nots.

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